The history of Caythorpe's Microbrewery
Caythorpe Brewery Ltd
c/o The Black Horse
29 Main Street
NG14  7ED      
Tel: 01159 664933
First, we begin with a short description of the village wherein the brewery is based.....

Caythorpe is a small village nestling in the Nottinghamshire countryside situated north east of the city of Nottingham alongside the crystal clear babbling waters of the ancient Dover Beck and only a few hundred yards from the banks of the mighty River Trent.
Its' history begins approximately in the year 1177 when a Dane by the name of Kati decided to set up his (or indeed, her) homestead (and no doubt their own Danish lager brewery) not far from the nearby Saxon settlement of Hoveringham.
Caythorpe from east of the River Trent
From this humble beginning, the village grew over the centuries mostly in an unremarkable fashion and to not great extents with the usual activities; farming and various cottage industries such as frameworking, malting and milling. A mill was established on the Dover Beck back in 1749 though now no longer working. In the 18th/19th centurys, for a while, there were a few beerhouses within Caythorpe village where beer was brewed and sold on site, one of which is recorded in c1832 as being run by a John Tomlinson from within a cottage on the site where the Black Horse pub presently stands. At some time before 1841 brewing had ceased here and the beerhouse subsequently became the Black Horse public house.

Then, towards the end of the last century brewing returned to the village in the guise of: 'Caythorpe Brewery'.
This was set up in 1996 by Geoff Slack, an ex-Home Brewery engineer using 2.5 barrel equipment made available following the closure of the Home Brewery in Daybrook during the same year. The brewery was squeezed into a tiny room at the north end of a row of buildings belonging to The Black Horse pub on the main street in the village whereupon it was one of the earliest microbreweries to begin brewing in Nottinghamshire and was, at the time, actually the only brewpub in the county. Many fine beers were produced including the memorable 'Birthday Brew' which won first prize in the 'Premium Bitter' class at the 1999 Nottingham Beer Festival knocking the best that the likes of Mansfield and Hardys & Hansons et al could produce into a cocked hat.
The Brewery building
Original 2.5 brl copper and hot liquor tank with spectacular pipework display
Old square fermentation
In the year 2005 Geoff decided to retire and the brewery changed ownership. Whereupon the then Chief Taster John Stachura took over the running of the brewery continuing to produce fine quality beers. Geoff himself then, with great enthusiasm, took over the now vacated position of Chief Taster.
Gradually though, word was spreading and ever increasing sales began to put pressure on both brewer and brewery and so in 2010 the decision was made to increase the brewing capacity and a 6 barrel plant was duly installed within a newly refurbished and expanded brewing room.
Caythorpe Brewery was set up to provide the region with the quality real ales which were becoming increasingly scarce since the takeovers and closures of the majority of the other larger breweries in the East Midlands.
We trust Caythorpe's original inhabitant, Mr. Kati would have approved....assuming he had the foresight to amend his preferred drink from lager to that of the far more flavoursome Anglo Saxon ale...
New 6 brl mash tun and copper

The brewing business is run independantly from the Black Horse pub although by popular demand the beers are always available on the bar
By following the link above to our 'contact us' page, therein is a map indicating the Black Horse pub's proximity to the footpaths alongside the River Trent whereupon, by taking a short detour, and succumbing to temptation, you will be able to quench your thirst with a pint or two of a fine Caythorpe Brewery beer.